Franklin Building Annex Data Center

COVID 19 Special Instructions: scroll down

This data center is shared between the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Arts and Sciences. The Franklin Building Annex (attached to the Franklin Building) is itself a shared space between multiple schools and centers. If you have a need for running loud or power hungry or heat-expelling servers, you can locate them in this data center. Faculty members may request access for themself and/or a limited set of technical representatives for their research group, from, describing your computational equipment needs (max power draw, plug types, sizes of equipment) and plans for expansion in the foreseeable future.

Each group is responsible for maintaining the health of their own equipment, ensuring their installation (including cabling, proper power utilization and heat dissipation, and general cleanliness around their equipment) does not create a hazard for any other tenant. You must provide up-to-date emergency contact information and your PennCard ID number, as well as an actively monitored Penn affiliated e-mail address for receiving data center announcements. All trash and recycling MUST be removed immediately so as not to create a fire hazard; trash and recycling carts are in the foyer between rooms P121 and P114. Make sure to pull doors shut tightly behind you as you leave.

Based on existing capacity, you will be directed to specific locations within one or more racks, instructions on which power receptacle(s) to use (or which power distribution units you will need to purchase), and a network feed depending on your parent organization (possibly including instructions on which network switch(es) you will need to purchase). There is not enough room to safely store packages prior to assembly within the data center, so your group will need to bring new equipment on site and install it immediately.

COVID-19 Special Handling Information

Starting on Monday, July 27th, 2020 and until further notice, you must schedule your visit using one of the following calendar forms, as well as obtain your daily PennOpen Pass using the instructions below.

Forms for registering your Data Center visit



PennOpen Pass required registration

This system supersedes the SEAS Daily Check system. Anybody who wishes to visit campus (including FBA data centers) WITH ANY FREQUENCY MUST use the new PennOpen Pass system EACH AND EVERY DAY (regardless of whether or not you are visiting campus that day): FAQs for the PennOpen Pass system are here:

Revised entrance information during daytime

The card readers near the exterior doors of the Franklin Building Annex are disabled from 8AM – 5PM on weekdays. During those hours, you will need to gain access through the Franklin Building lobby (NOT Franklin Building Annex). Security will be checking your PennOpen Pass at the front desk. You can print it out, or use your phone to show the e-mail or text containing your pass for that day.

Outside of the hours of 8AM – 5PM on weekdays, and on weekends, the Franklin Building Annex external readers will revert back to standard access (you should always register your visit using the forms above).

Getting from Franklin Building to FBA Data Centers

Take the elevator or stairwells to the second floor of Franklin Building. When you come out on the second floor, make a right and proceed to the end of that hallway – at this point you’re in the Annex. Make a right or left, and use the stairs to return to the first floor of Franklin Building Annex, then proceed as usual to FBA P114 or P121.